What we do

The NSLW is directed at elected regional and local political leaders, civic leaders, and decision makers, encouraging jurisdictions to work together on behalf of greater regional or statewide planning goals and initiatives. The Joslyn Institute manages and produces the NSLW sessions on a schedule of repetitive sessions.

Prior to each session JISC selects and invites fifteen leaders from communities that are no more than 60 miles from each sessionís chosen venue. Sessions will be programmed for a one-and-one-half-day duration. In our first year, we've held workshops in Mead, Lincoln, Omaha, Nebraska City, Blair, Beatrice, Norfolk, O'Neill, Columbus, North Platte, Kearney, Grand Island, Alliance, Culbertson/McCook, Chadron, and Alliance. The intention is to visit an additional 15 to 20 communities in 2010, and, in 2011 invite all workshop participants and speakers to a Sustainability Leadership Summit, to buid on what we've begun in the workshops.

Each session is organized around issues that identified by workshop participants. Each day-and-a half session features experts on community food systems and cooperatives, energy efficiency, and other design and development professionals, natural resources specialists, and leadership experts.

The sessions are designed to spark lively debate and generate creative solutions. Facilitators encourage participants to put every idea on the table and choose the very best. Education is key to the sessions, which include a mix of established and emerging leaders. One of the main goals of the NSLW workshops is to build a network of sustainability leaders throughout the state, who will, through our listserv and NSLW Network, collaborate and consult on issues and solutions, as well as planning and public policy initiatives, for a more sustainable future for Nebraska.

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