State Resource Coordinator for Land
Sandra K. Scofield

Sandra K. Scofield is Director of the UNL Nebraska Rural Initiative, a program devoted to stabilizing and enhancing the economy and quality of life in non-metropolitian areas through the use of University knowledge and research. Her background contains experience in education, business, government and agriculture. Scofield's government service includes seven years as a state senator from northwest Nebraska and time as chief of staff to former Nebraska Governor Ben Nelson. She has experience as a teacher of economics and history, a television writer, a partner in a business start up, worked in a Fortune 500 subsidiary, and owns and manages the farm where she grew up in northwest Nebraska. In 2004, Scofield was awarded the Nebraska Business Development Center's Distinguished Service Award. In 2007, she was awarded the CJ Schweitzer Friend of the Nebraska Grape and Wine Industry award. Other accomplishments that relate to the well being of rural Nebraska include sponsoring and passing the Nebraska Farm Winery Act; passing legislation that led to the creation of LB 840 which allows communities to use sales tax revenue to promote economic development, and successfully championing the funding of a variety of activities important to rural Nebraska such as protecting Nebraska water rights, community based juvenile corrections, highway construction and upgrades, higher education and distance learning technology.