NSLW Listserv Participation Guidelines

The purpose of the NSLW is to engage community leaders statewide in an envisioning process focused on creating a more sustainable future for our communities. Email listings as a medium for communication further this goal. This listserv is intended to connect participants and consultants from across the state in dialogue about issues and decisions the affect their ability to create and maintain more sustainable practices. This listserv offers the opportunity to share resources and best practices as well as serving to maintain relationships between leaders who share a vision of sustainability.

After participating in a NSLW event leaders contact information is added to the email lists. By using the listserv network, members agree to act with integrity. The following rules and guidelines are set forth to make certain discussions and ongoing conversation uphold standards which ensure a positive experience for participants which further the intentions of the listserv. The Nebraska Sustainability Leadership Workshops reserve the right to suspend or terminate the membership of person who they deem in violation of the established guidelines.

Usage assumes that persons have read and agree to abide by these guidelines. Resources for this email list are provided by the Information Services Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This email list is a service of Nebraska Sustainability Leadership Workshop and its affiliated organizations. These entities are not responsible for opinions and information posted by others. By posting, members are assumed to be honestly representing themselves. We are not responsible for any damages which may occur. Questions or changes in contact information should be directed to nslw@sustainabledesign.org. Thank you for your commitment to sustainability through civic leadership and community visioning.

• Participants will act in a manner which seeks to engage others, respecting differences constructively. Postings and/or discussion is meant to encourage conversation not conflict. Avoid attacking others. Allow all members to share their viewpoint equally, exercising common courtesy.

• Participants will compose messages which positively reflect themselves and the intent of the listserv. Messages should be of a nature that the member would not have a problem sharing and publishing this information with the world.

• Any material of a profane, abusive, threatening, offensive, or illegal nature is strictly prohibited.

• Remember all comments are public and thus could be subject to libel and slander laws.

• Participants will compose posting which pertain to the topic of sustainability in its various aspects and increase the knowledge of others in this topic. No matter how worthy the cause, suitability remains the focus.

• Participants will properly give credit to the ideas of others in their postings. This includes products and service that maybe protect by copyright and anti-trust laws.

• The use of the listserv for commercial purposes (anything involving a financial transaction) is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to job postings, unsolicited advertising, spam, and computer viruses.

• Participants will not disrupt or interfere with the participation of members, this service, nor the network interface.

• The NSLW and members of the listserv reserve the right to reproduce and archive postings.

• If members wish to ensure a more private interaction, they should contact each other outside the listserv.

• The NSLW strongly suggests the follow measures of etiquette:

• Compose thoughtful posts. Do not “over” post to the listserv such that your participation becomes a nuisance to other members.
• Include a signature (name, title, organization, email, etc.) in all messages.
• Use the appropriate subject lines.
• Send message only to the entire listserv when the information is relevant to all members. If judged not appropriate, individual contact is encouraged.
• Do not send administrative or message such as “I agree” or “thank for the resources” to the entire listserv.

You can download a PDF of these guidelines. Click here to download.

All NSLW Network members are included on the NSLW Listserv, a discussion forum that allows you to easily connect with other participants and workshop collaborators. You can discuss solutions to specific problems, talk about challenges you are facing and interface with others facing the same challenges, tell others about particular successes you’ve had in your community. Click on the icon above to view the NSLW Listserv Guidelines.

Contributions are encouraged in the following categories:
• Water
• Energy
• Housing and buildings
• Infrastructure
• Economic development
• Workforce development
• NSLW Workshops
• Farmland, farming issues, and soil conservation
• Community food systems
• Agri-tourism and eco-tourism
• Leadership best practices
• Public policy issues
• Sustainability best practices
• Using the EcoSTEP metric tool for planning and measurement
• The Five Domains of Sustainability
• Collaboration and cooperation between/among political entities
• Sustainability news and events
• Transportation
• Public health

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