State Resource Coordinator for Land
Mark Kuzila

I'm Mark Kuzila, professor of soil science in the School of Natural Resources. My professional expertise and research interests are in soil survey and soil science. I have spent 11 years in administration and am the former director of the School of Natural Resources. I,am currently the Director of the Conservation and Survey Division and serve as the State Geologist. I teach Earth's Natural Resources Systems, NRES 108, and Great Plains Field Pedology, NRES 477/877. I also teach Soil Evaluation, NRES 279. NRES 279 is the class associated with the UNL Soil Judging Team. The Soil Judging Team competes every fall semester. My research involves the study of soil genesis and morphology. In basic terms, I examine soils and landscapes to discover why soils are what they are and where they are on the landscape; I also study soil management and investigate how we live on and how we can best use the soils that we have. Because we all live on the land and interact with soils every day in ways we often don't realize, a better understanding of the land and the soil, and how we use it, will benefit us all. Prior to working in university administration, I spent 24 years working with the Nebraska Cooperative Soil Survey Program. I've also been involved in many workshops and presentations on soils in general and the application of soils information for many uses, including natural resource management, home site evaluation and on-site wastewater treatment. In addition, I've been the author of numerous soil maps, including a 1:1,000,000-scale general soil map of Nebraska.